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Contacting Ombudsman/DIALOG

Ombudsmen can be reached by sending a DIALOG or by telephone at 800.871.9065. When calling from outside the U.S.A., add the country code “1” to the regional telephone numbers provided below. To make the call free of charge, you can use the AT&T Direct access code for your country found here. After you enter the access code, listen for a prompt (voice or tone), and then enter the number you wish to call. When you are connected, if English is not your preferred language, interpreters will be provided by the Ombudsman.

A written DIALOG can be sent to the DIALOG Clearinghouse at UTC Headquarters. A DIALOG can be sent either (1) by mail (Click here to download the form, or you can pick up a form at a company facility from a DIALOG box) or (2) electronically. You can write a DIALOG in your preferred language, and Ombudsman/DIALOG will translate the inquiry and response. The electronic system, eDIALOG, is web-based, encrypted, and hosted outside of UTC. A user of eDIALOG is required to create a personal identifier that will allow the retrieval of management’s response, even if the inquiry is anonymous. A DIALOG is not forwarded to management for response until information that might identify the writer is removed by an Ombudsman or DIALOG Program Coordinator. For DIALOGs, the target for response is 14 days after receipt at the DIALOG Clearinghouse at UTC Headquarters. Inquiries handled by the Ombudsmen usually take longer, depending on the complexity of the issue. For an eDIALOG inquiry, management’s response will be available for 180 days after it is posted by Ombudsman/DIALOG.

All translators used by Ombudsman/DIALOG are retained to work for Ombudsman/DIALOG and under contract are also obligated to protect confidentiality. Confidential Ombudsman/DIALOG information is secured and accessible only by Ombudsman/DIALOG personnel.